Mixed Berry Vodka

OK, so I am cheating a wee, tiny bit here.

This image is actually from earlier this year, after my cherry vodka had steeped for three weeks and been decanted so that my friend, Barb, and I could enjoy some while our friend, Mira, was in the Caribbean drinking all of the rum.

Long story.

Anywho; I have just prepped this season’s batch, and I think it is gonna be a winner!

I switched things up just a bit this time, adding a vanilla bean and some blueberries to the blend.

•1.5 liter vodka
•24 oz frozen cherries
•5 – 10 oz frozen blueberries
•1 whole vanilla bean

Slice the cherries in half – you are doing this to expose the maximum amount of cherry flesh to the vodka – and place in a large pitcher with a tight lid along with the blueberries and the vanilla bean.

Pour the vodka over all, give it all a gentle stir, then cover the pitcher and stash it someplace cool and dark for three weeks.

“Yikes! Three weeks?!?”

Yes, but, there is no stirring, no looking after the pitcher; you just let it rest and do its thing and count down your three weeks.

Which, if you get a move on, and mebbe shave a day or two off the schedule, will give you a tasty treat for holidaze imbibing.

When done, strain the fruit from the vodka and transfer the vodka to new decanters.

Save the fruit, though, for a boozy topping to cheesecake or ice cream.

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