Firecracker Sauce

Never let it be said that I turned my nose up at an interesting condiment.

And this is most certainly that!

Wicked tasty, too!

The original recipe called for using this sauce on shrimp tacos, and I am pretty certain that that would be a fine application.

But, why limit oneself? So far, we have loved this sauce on carnitas tacos and even with

beer-battered fish and chips.

It also makes a kinda nifty burger sauce.

•1/3 cup mayonnaise
•3 tbsp sweet chili sauce
•1 tbsp Cocktail Sauce*

*My own cocktail sauce is loaded with more horseradish and lemon than store bought, and I use a chili sauce base that doesn’t contain any corn sweeteners, so, bonus!

Method is wicked simple; a couple of hours before you plan on using your sauce, combine the ingredients together until nicely blended, transfer to a lidded jar, and stash in the fridge to allow the flavors to blend.

Tasty, tangy, and good for so very much more than shrimp.


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