Ranch Salsa

A while back, I was reading an interview with one of our presidential candidates, “Mayor Pete” from South Bend, Indiana.

The interviewer was asking Mayor Pete about his stance on what is, apparently, a popular dip and/or spread in his home town: ranch dressing salsa.

Mayor Pete would not confirm or deny that he and his husband partake in this unusual condiment, but, me? I was intrigued, and determined to try this exotic Indiana treat.

But first.

The salsa.

We have recently discovered the wonder that is Trader Joe’s Bloody Mary Salsa. I have been told by one cashier that one customer uses it as the basis for his actual Bloody Mary’s.

I don’t really care for the cocktail – the tomato base is too thick tasting for me – but this salsa, tho…


So, salsa settled, I opted for Hidden Valley Ranch dressing – which was named best of a bunch of different ranch dressing tasted by a food website I respect.

Note: I screwed up at the market, and this is reduced fat Hidden Valley (!). Folk who’v followed this blog well know my view on “reduced fat” or “lite” anything, but, dammit, I had the bottle and wanted to try this out, so, I gritted my teeth and went, for just this once or so, “reduced fat.”

Preparation could not be easier; simply add equal amounts of salsa and ranch dressing to a container and stir to combine.

Give it a taste. I do believe the good folk of South Bend, Indiana are on to something.

Make this, then try it with chips, burgers, brats, veggies, who knows?



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