Gin and Tonic Pickles


Yes. You read that headline correctly.

Gin and Tonic. Pickles.

The recipe, from the nice folk at, could not be simpler, or tastier, except…

I was unaware that a lot of my friends are not fans of teh gin, so, whoops!

Oh well. More for me, and other friends.

I did (of course) need to make a few adjustments to the original recipe.

I spaced about buying limes, but lemon slices seemed to work a treat; and, I had Key Lime juice already in the fridge, so used that in place of the called for plain lime juice.

My canning jar was actually a leftover pasta jar and so, not really a true “quart” – so five quartered Persian cucumbers quite filled the jar instead of the called for six.

All in all, well worth the couple of minutes it took to toss these together, but…

If you, like some of our friends, also do not care for teh gin; a vodka and tonic pickle might could be just what you never knew that you needed.

•5 (or 6) Persian cucumbers
•4 slices of lemon or lime
•1/2 cup gin
•1/4 cup lime juice (or Key Lime)
•2 tsp sugar
•1 tsp canning salt (Kosher salt is cool, too)
•1/2 cup tonic water

Trim both ends of the cucumbers and slice lengthwise into quarters.

Add to a quart sized canning jar with the lemon or lime slices, the juice, and sugar and the salt.

Pour the gin into the jar, close the lid and shake to mix.

Add the tonic water to the jar, close and shake again, then stash in the fridge for at least 24 hours to allow all of the pickle magic to happen.

Keep the jar in the fridge and use as needed. They will keep for up to one month or so, so, mebbe it’s time to get pickling!

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