Holidaze Bonus! Blushing Mimosas

If there is one thing holidaze gatherings call for, it is cocktails!

One very nice thing about this particular cocktail, however, is that we discovered, quite by accident, as it happened, that it is pretty much as nice without the sparkling wine as it is with – though our unplanned and unwitting test subject at the time was not happy when she learned that she had had two glasses of juice! See, I like to mix everything but the sparkling wine together in a pitcher, and add that at the end.

Oh well, Mira caught up, and we all agreed that, with or without the sparkling stuff; this is a lovely party drink.

Note: I used this grapefruit Prosecco we find at Trader Joe’s, and we all loved it. Go ahead and use your fave sparkling wine or rose – it should all work well.

•2 cups orange juice
•1 cup pineapple juice
•2 tbsp grenadine
•1 bottle Champagne or other sparkling wine, chilled (ginger ale would work, too)

Note: thanks to the nice folk at Southern Living for publishing the original recipe.

To make, stir the juices together with the grenadine in a large pitcher, then chill.

Pour into your glass of choice, top with sparkling wine, swirl a bit to blend, and serve.

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