Charred Tomatoes With Basil

One of my markets had a pretty decent deal: 2 packages of grape tomatoes for $5 – but… you had to buy two to get the deal.

Now, we like tomatoes, but for just the two of us, that is a fair amount to get through before they start going wonky.

Good thing I came across this recipe for charred cherry tomatoes with basil from the nice folk at

I had grape tomatoes instead of cherry,

but figured it was close enough.

I do have other uses for a surfeit of tomatoes; Fresh Relish – which is great for hot dogs and sausages and other sammiches, and, of course, Afternoon Delight Tomatoes, which are pretty darned terrific in salads; but thought that this looked just a bit different enough to warrant a try, and then, I could add the charred tomatoes to salads or, as it turned out, a pretty terrific tortellini soup.

•1 tbsp good olive oil
•2-1/2 pints grape tomatoes
•1/4 cup chopped basil
•Salt and pepper*

*I did not add salt and pepper to my tomatoes, because they were gonna go into an already nicely seasoned soup. When I prepare the next batch for a salad, I will more than likely add 1/2 teaspoon of Seasoned Salt, and 1/2 teaspoon each of black and Aleppo pepper.

Warm a heavy skillet over high heat for about five minutes, then add the olive oil and the tomatoes.

Cook for about three minutes, without stirring, until the tomatoes are lightly blistered and just about to burst.

Remove from the heat and stir in the basil and, if you are using it, the salt and peppers.


As I noted, I ended up using the whole shebang in a chicken tortellini and baby spinach soup; but, just think about how mighty-fine these would be tossed into a nice salad!

Oh well…

next time!

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