Survey Sez…

A colleague of mine is working with some marketing students at a local university on their semester project, and they reached out to ask if I could help to distribute the following survey. If y’all could help, that would be cool, and, who knows, if this idea takes hold, you can look back and say…

“Hey! I helped out with that!”

Back to more usual posts tomorrow, but for now, allow me to turn you over to the survey…

“I am a market research major who is currently a senior at Elmhurst University. I am currently taking a Marketing Capstone course and am working with two other classmates on a semester project, where we have to develop a unique idea for a product or service and introduce a five year marketing plan to bring the product or service to market. My group has decided that our service is going to be a rental system where consumers can rent high quality kitchen tools (nice knives, etc.) and appliances (KitchenAid mixers, sous vide machines, etc.) for a short time period. If you could please take this survey we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!”

Click this link to participate.

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