Bacon in the ‘Wave

I needed some bacon for a casserole, and was not feeling the love for roasting or water cooking it – though both are fine ways to make bacon.

So, I went on da google, and the nice folk at delish served up an interesting, and new to me, method of making it in the ‘wave.

I have a microwave bacon cooker, but was never quite thrilled with the results. Still, armed with new instructions, I pulled it down from the high shelf and got to it.

•Paper towels

Line your bacon cooker (or any ‘wave-safe plate) with two or three layers of paper towels, then arrange the bacon in a singe layer on top.

Note: do not try this with more than five or six strips of bacon at a time.

Place another two layers of paper towel on top of the bacon, and toss into the ‘wave for 2-1/2 minutes.

Take a look at your bacon, then put it back into the ‘wave for another 2-1/2 to three minutes. Mine was perfectly done and nicely crisped after two minutes.

Transfer to a paper towel lined plate and repeat with any remaining bacon.

Little fuss. No muss to speak of, and crunchy, crispity bacon.



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