Hawaiian-Style Pasta Salad

I came across a discussion about Hawaiian Macaroni Salad, and it looked interesting enough that I wanted to try it.


Apparently, there are rules.

Certain friends will be wicked pleased to know that pineapple and ham are not to be added to Hawaiian Macaroni salad; but, potatoes, onion, celery, hard-cooked egg, and carrots are.

They also use jarred coleslaw dressing, but I figured I could just use my own.

•1 cup uncooked pasta (5 oz)
•1/2 cup diced red onion
•1 cup cooked small potatoes, quartered
•1 tbsp rice vinegar

•1 cup mayonnaise
•2 tbsp milk
•1 tsp sugar
•1 tsp black pepper
•1/4 tsp Seasoned Salt

Add Ins:
•1/2 cup diced celery
•1 hard cooked egg, chopped
•Chopped parsley

A couple of notes: I had some leftover Crispy Air Fryer Potatoes in the fridge, so I used those. Also, I am loving ditalini pasta lately, so used that in place of the more usual elbow macaroni.

Boil your pasta in salted water, then drain and rinse well.

Add the quartered potatoes and red onion, then stir in the rice vinegar and set aside to rest while you make the dressing.

Whisk the mayonnaise together with the milk, sugar, Seasoned Salt and pepper.

Add the diced celery, chopped egg, and the parsley to the pasta, potato, and onion mixture, then add the dressing and toss to mix well.

You can serve this right away, or cover and stash in the fridge until needed – I prefer storing in a glass bowl, because I think it transfers the “chill” better.

Nice pasta salad, and pretty forgivable about what you add to it.

As long as it’s not ham or pineapple.

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