Mini Meat and Cheese Crescent Roll Munchies

ALDI has this pretty neat assortment tray of pepperoni and salami and stuff wrapped around bits of cheese.

Perfect for parties, right?

Of course, but

I had bought a tray for a family gathering, figuring that the kids would demolish the whole thing, but the kids couldn’t make it after all, and all us old folk had more than enough without adding a deli tray, so…

Back into the fridge, and because it is cured meats and cheese, after all, the tray will last a while, like, say, until we have a couple of good friends over for dinner.

I wasn’t feeling the love for just laying pieces of meat-wrapped cheese, and then recalled my crescent dough sheet in the fridge.


Like pigs in blankets, but better!

Easy, too.

•1 tube crescent roll dough
•Deli meat wrapped cheese sticks
•Everything seasoning

Note: one tube of dough will make up to 12 munchies.

Heat your oven to 375º and line a rimmed baking pan with parchment paper.

Open the crescent dough and lay out in a rectangle on the parchment.

Note: if you are using regular crescent rolls, just press the seams together lightly with your fingers.

Use a pizza cutter to divide the dough into 12 more or less equal rectangles.

Arrange one meat and cheese roll on each rectangle, then roll the dough up and over to cover and arrange, seam side down, on the parchment paper lined baking sheet.

Sprinkle with the Everything But The Bagel Seasoning and pop into the oven for 12 to 15 minutes, until the rolls are golden brown and have puffed up a bit.

Note: my rolls oozed out some of the cheese while baking, making using that parchment paper all that much better for clean up.

Remove from the oven and serve warm, mebbe with a nice dipping mustard.

Oh, and that cheese that oozed out onto the parchment?

Still wicked tasty for munching, I mean who doesn’t love melted, slightly crispity on the edge cheese?

Pretty tasty, but next time I might brush a bit of mustard on the dough before adding the meat and cheese.

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