Parfait! Swiss Turkey Casserole

For me, one of the best things about Thanksgiving is the leftovers; and one of my very favorite things to do with leftovers is to make Swiss Turkey Casserole.

Starting out about 50 years ago as my Aunt Buzz’s company-worthy Swiss chicken casserole, this version has become as traditional and looked forward to as the main feast.

And why not? Turkey and Swiss cheese and mayo, and bread cubes; what is not to love?

•4 cups diced cooked turkey
•1 cup diced celery
•1 cup diced onion
•2 cups bread cubes
•1 cup mayonnaise
•1/2 cup milk
•1 tbsp Sherry Peppers Sauce*
•1 tsp Cajun Power Spicy Garlic Pepper Sauce or your fave hot sauce, to taste
•1 tsp black pepper
•1 tsp Aleppo pepper
•1 tsp parsley
•1/4 tsp salt
•8 oz. Swiss cheese – cut in thin strips

*No Sherry Peppers Sauce? No Problem! Simply add a bit of decent sherry (none of that “cooking” stuff) and a dash or three of your fave hot sauce, to taste.

Heat your oven to 350º and butter a 2-1/2 quart casserole dish.

In a large bowl, whisk the mayonnaise, milk, Sherry Peppers and hot sauces together with the seasonings until blended.

Stir in the celery, onion, Swiss cheese, turkey, and bread cubes.

Transfer to the prepared baking dish and bake, covered, for 30 to 40 minutes.

Remove the cover and bake for another five to ten minutes, until the top is golden brown and just a bit crispity.

Note: if you want to, by all means go ahead and put the casserole together earlier in the day or even the day before. Just cover and stash in the fridge until you are ready to bake it, and increase the covered baking time to 50 minutes.


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