The Sherry on the Edge of Forever

For Christmas, a friend gave me this cookbook of cocktails based on Star Trek™ episodes and, since we were having her over for dinner, along with a number of other good friends, I was determined to make a signature drink that would work well with the appetizers planned and be easy enough to toss into a pitcher before hand and just pour into folx glasses in the midst of eating and drinking and chatting and general catching up; it had been quite a while since we have all gathered around a table together to eat and kill a case of wine or so.

I settled on this recipe because it looked interesting; I already had a bottle of Maraschino liqueur, and I worked out measurements to mix up a pitcher for a crowd before everyone came.

In the original recipe, you make this individually and shake over crushed ice before serving in a cocktail glass garnished with fruit or mebbe a basil leaf.

Yeh, no.

I went with the chilled pitcher and, in place of crushed ice and cocktail shaker?

Frozen berries, baby!

And it all worked a treat!

•3 cups dry sherry
•1-1/4 cup orange juice
•1-1/4 cup maraschino liqueur
•Frozen berries

Note: because this kinda sherry-centric, do not even consider picking up one of those “cooking sherry” bottles from the supermarket. I picked up a well rated bottle at the liquor store for around $20.

Stir the sherry together with the orange juice and maraschino liqueur in a pitcher and stash in the fridge until needed.

To serve, pour over frozen mixed berries in a glass and top off with champagne.

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