Burgers With Swiss Cheese and Bacon Spread

Last week, I posted a pretty tasty vintage Swiss Cheese Spread recipe.

It was meant to be used on crackers and such as part of an appetizer assortment, and it was most excellent.


at the end of the post, I was thinking about how it would probably be pretty rockin’ on a burger or three, and, wow, was I right in that call. Swiss and bacon and creamy goodness.

Swiss Cheese and Bacon Spread

•Note: I used four ounce Pub Burgers from my local butcher’s counter.

Season your burgers with salt and pepper, then add to a hot pan over medium heat and cook until done, three or four minutes per side should do it.

Spoon the Swiss Cheese and Bacon Spread onto each patty, then turn the heat to low and cover the pan.

Let rest until the cheese spread has nicely melted, then serve with your favorite toppings and sides on toasted rolls.

We went with shredded lettuce, Ranch Pickles, mayonnaise, a dab o’ spicy ketchup, and air fryer fries on the side.

Nice burgers!

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