It’s Time to Make Peach Butter!

There’s a family gathering next month, and I have been asked to replenish the supply of Peach Butter.

“But wait!” you say, “Isn’t that an awful lot of work and prep and all?”

Not really, it is just four ingredients (three, if you decide not to add the brandy) and, since so many folx are making so many smoothies at home now, you can easily find a five pound bag of prepped peaches in many market’s frozen fruit section.

Mango chunks, too.


Let us butter us some peaches!

there is no actual butter involved when making peach butter.

•5 lb diced frozen peaches
•24 oz diced frozen mango
•4 cups sugar
•5 tbsp brandy

Stir all of the ingredients (no need to thaw the peaches or mango) together in a large pot over low heat.

Note: I use my fave non-stick pan, because then I can be a little more hands-off on the stirring while the sugar is melting and while I am simmer the peach butter.

Cook until the sugar has dissolved, stirring every now and then, until the mixture has come to a low boil.

Continue to simmer, stirring often, until the peach butter has turned a deep, almost amber color; about 30 to 45 minutes.

While the peach butter is simmering, bring a large canning pot of water to boil.

Note: because our water is somewhat mineral-ly, I had one cup or so of white vinegar to the pot with the water. This will insure the jars come out of their boiling water bath clean and shiny, with no (harmless, but not nice to look at) milk film coating them.

Once the water is ready, you’re gonna need to process your peach butter in stages in a blender, or (so much easier!) use your immersion blender right in the pot to break up any larger chunks of peaches and mango.

Transfer your peach butter to prepared canning jars, top  with clean lids, tighten the bands on each jar using the “two finger” method – use just the tips of two fingers to tighten the jar bands.

Process in the boiling water for ten minutes, then remove the jars to a rack to cool.

You will hear some popping as the jars cool, that is totally cool, and means that the jars war well and truly sealed.

To check this, press a finger in the center of each jar lid. If it does not move, or, if it pops down and stays that way; you are golden, the jar is sealed.

If a lid pops back up, try re-processing the jar in the boiling water for another ten minutes (usually works a treat) or, transfer the cooled jar to the fridge and use as you would any opened jar of jam or jelly.

I ended up with seven half pints and two twelve ounce jars (my in-laws really like their peach butter); but some batches have yielded up to 14 half pints.

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