Of Frozen Shrimp and Air Fryers

Truly, if it was just for the frozen shrimp and the french fries and onion rings, I would love, Love, LOVE my air fryer combo.

Thing is, I have made steaks, and chicken, and swordfish and scallops and, well so many other things that I use this big guy at least three or four times a week.

Not that I am promoting this appliance, though I do really like it. Nor am I promoting the frozen coconut shrimp I am using today. They are just things I use.

And, to be clear, nobody has paid or offered to pay a thing for this post, so take that as you will.

About the shrimp: a few years back, we finally got a Whole Foods not too, too far away, and I discovered their frozen, shrimp, which is gluten-free and tasty, and at (now) around $20+ for a two pound bag, not a bad deal at all (even better on sale at $16+).

I started out with their Boom Boom Shrimp, but have switched to this Coconut Shrimp as my new fave. They also have a “Nashville Hot” Shrimp which I think might just be a touch too on trend.

Prep is dead simple, heat your air fryer to 375º for about ten minutes, then add your chosen amount of shrimp to the fryer tray or basket (depending on your machine).

Note: this is my third air fryer, and one thing I have discovered is that, if you use aerosol cooking spray, something in those cans will coat the fryer tray and will be next to impossible (for me, anyway) to get off. My cooking baskets and trays are also not dishwasher safe, so when I apply oil, I have a spray bottle that I keep filled with plain old canola oil. Works a treat, no coating left, and cleanup is a breeze.

Arrange your chosen amount of shrimp in a single layer on your fryer tray or basket – this is about one half of that two pound bag – spray with a bit of your cooking oil, and pop into the air fryer six or seven minutes.

Pull the try out, turn the shrimp over, spray a bit more cooking oil, and air fry for another six to seven minutes, until they are golden brown and nicely crispity.

Note: cooking times will vary by machine and the size and type of shrimp you are using, so keep an eye during that second half to avoid burning.

Serve as you will. I went with Sriracha Mayonnaise and my fave coleslaw.

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