Air Fryer Golden Shrimp


this post is not so much as a recipe as it is a method. See that lovely, golden shrimp on that plate?

Well; it’s a bag of frozen beer battered shrimp that’s been air fried and then tossed in a bit of South Carolina-style mustard barbecue sauce (Golden Sauce).

The thing is, don’t care for (or have) shrimp? Try this with chicken nuggets.

•Frozen beer battered shrimp
•South Carolina-style BBQ sauce
•1 tbsp garlic infused olive oil

Heat your air fryer to 400º.

Toss your shrimp in the garlic infused olive oil (plain olive oil is fine) in a large bowl, then arrange in a single layer on your air fryer rack.

Note: I do not like to use cooking spray in the air fryer, because it can leave a residue that is wicked hard to get off.

Air fry the shrimp for four minutes, then turn over and air fry for another six minutes.

Transfer the shrimp back to that large bowl and toss with three or four tablespoons of the sauce, enough to lightly coat the shrimp.

Return to the air fryer rack in a single layer and cook for another four minutes, until the shrimp is golden brown and lightly crispity.

Note: depending on the size of your air fryer and how much shrimp you are making, you may need to do this in stages, keeping the finished shrimp warm in the oven while you air fry the remaining.

We enjoyed ours with oven fried potato sticks and Waldorf Coleslaw and, you know what?

I did not miss getting in the car and driving to the fish shop one bit.

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