Mississippi Pot Roast, Updated

Close to six years ago, good friends convinced me to try this crazy pot roast recipe with ranch dressing mix, Au Jus mix, pepperoncini, and butter.

Crazy idea, right?

But, NO! This is very tasty, wickedly simple to toss together and leave be in the slow cooker until time to thoroughly enjoy it eight hours later. In the ensuing six years, I have made one, kinda major tweak, which we actually prefer to the original…

I have left out the Au Jus Gravy mix, and, you know what?

We did not miss it at all!

•Chuck roast (about four pounds)
•1 packet ranch dressing mix
•1/2 cup butter
•Pickled pepperoncini peppers*
•Black pepper

*I like to slice mine, but whole works a treat, too. If you cannot find pepperoncini, jarred sliced banana peppers will work, too.

Apply cooking spray to your slow cooker and arrange your chuck roast in the bottom.

Note: I do not care for potatoes and carrots and all cooked in with a kinda fatty cut of meat for hours, but, if you do, by all means scatter your fave(s) in the bottom of the cooker before adding the meat.

Sprinkle the ranch dressing mix evenly over the top of the meat, and then scatter the pepperoncini on top.

Drop the stick of butter in the center of the roast, then cover and cook on LOW for eight hours.

That is all there is to it!

Slice and serve as you will!



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