Fromage Fort

Literally “Strong Cheese” this is a classic French way to use up all those bits of cheese leftover from gatherings.

What cheese?

All of ’em, Katie!

Jaques Pépin’s dad would use a combination of Camembert, Brie, Swiss, blue cheese and goat cheese. For this batch, I had some Hunstman (Double Gloucester layered with Stilton, Assiago, and other bits.

•1/2 pound cheese pieces
•1 garlic clove
•1/4 cup dry white wine
•Black pepper

Making the fromage fort is dead simple.

Place your half pound of cheese pieces in the bowl of a food processor fitted with the metal blade.

Add the remaining ingredients and pulse until you have a smooth cheese spread.

Transfer to a container, cover tightly, and, for best results, stash in the fridge or a cook place for at least one week to allow the cheese to… ermmm… strengthen.

When ready to serve, let come to room temperature and spread on crackers or crusty bread.

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