AIr Fryer Cedar Plank Salmon

We have a really good fish monger on the way from our house to town, but I have also discovered that one of our regular markets does a fine job with seasoned salmon, on or off a cedar plank.

And, while our fish monger offers their salmon with their own signature marinade, made from their own olive oil, our market offers the salmon with different rubs, barbecue, Cajun, or, in this case, lemon pepper. And, all are most excellent, especially in the air fryer!

It is almost embarrassing with our salmon options, and do not get me started about the fish monger’s most excellent in-house  smoked salmon.

Anyways, back to the plank!

•Skin on salmon filet, skin-on, seasoned
•Cedar plank, to fit the salmon
•Sliced fresh lemon
•Your fave sauce or glaze, I used some of my own Arby’s Sauce.

Note: feel free to season your salmon yourself. Depending on your tastes, try a steakhouse blend, Cajun seasoning, or mebbe roasted garlic.

First things first, you need to soak your cedar plank in water for two hours; you will need to weigh the plank down with a cup or bowl to keep it submerged.

When ready to cook the salmon, heat your air fryer to 400º.

Note: some air fryers do not need to pre-heat, but mine does. It is also large enough to handle this whole filet.

Line a rimmed tray with foil, remove the plank from the water, and arrange the salmon on top.

Place the lemon slices on top of the salmon, then add your sauce or glaze of choice.

Pop into the air fryer and cook for ten to twelve minutes, until the salmon is cooked through and flakes easily.

Note: smaller filets or individual pieces may very well cook more quickly, so keep an eye on it/them.

Slice and serve as you like. We had ours with a Caesar salad and thought it a fine meal.

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