Jezebel Sauce

The thoughts are that Jezebel Sauce originated in the southeastern states, but I first came across it in the homes of friends and family who traveled quite a bit down there, but lived in the northeast, so I am guessing we can just consider it a tasty topping for a block of cream cheese.

And a fine glaze for ham.

And a wicked nice cocktail sauce and glaze  for sausages and meatballs and all those types of party foods.

Good thing it is also wicked easy to toss together from easy to find ingredients.

•1  jar apple jelly
•1 jar apricot preserves*
•1 jar prepared horseradish
•2 tbsp ground dry mustard
•2 tsp cracked black pepper

*Some versions of this recipe call for using pineapple preserves, but we have a friend who really loathes pineapple, and the apricot truly worked a treat.

Combine all of the ingredients together in a bowl until nicely blended, then tarnsfer to a covered storage container. I ended up with a wee, tiny bit over one quart.

Stash in the fridge overnight to really allow the flavors to blend, then you can store it in the fridge for up to two weeks.

One friend would make a batch every year at the holidaze and give small jars to friends and clients, but I managed to use up the entire quart+ on our Easter feast.

First, there was that bit drizzled over a block of cream cheese to spread on crackers.

Then I poured quite a bit of it over our ham as a glaze in the slow cooker.

And lastly, I browned some sliced kielbasa in a skillet, then added the remaining sauce on top for another munchie.

All lovely.




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