Mississippi Pot Roast Gyros

If you haven’t yet tried a Mississippi Pot Roast in your slow cooker, now would be a great time to go for it!

With this post, I will show you my take on the pot roast, and then turn leftovers into some pretty fine Gyros with the help pf Trader Joe’s Tzatziki Sauce, some lightly toasted pita bread, and crumbled Feta with thinly sliced red onion.

First thing, I skip the Au Jus packet from my roast, and I honestly do not miss it.

Next, I was I bit disorganized the day I made my roast, but it turns out that slow cooking on High for four hours works just as well as on Low for eight, so, bonus!

Pot Roast:
•1 chuck roast
•1 packet Ranch dressing mix
•Sliced peperoncini
•1 stick (8 oz) butter

•Shredded leftover pot roast
•Tzatziki sauce
•Thinly sliced red onion
•Crumbled Feta cheese
•Pita bread

Place your chuck roast in the bottom of a slow cooker, then sprinkle the Ranch dressing mix evenly over the top.

Scatter the peperoncini over the Ranch mix, then place the stick of butter on top.

Cover and cook on Low for eight hours, or on High for four.

Serve as you will. One of our faves is with Mashed Potatoes and French Green Peas.

Go ahead.

Enjoy your dinner.

But then, take any leftover roast and shred it into small pieces.

A day or two later, reheat your shredded beef over medium heat in a large skillet until warmed through and mebbe just a bit crispity in places. As you can see, I worked a bit of the leftover peperoncini in as well.

With the beef rewarmed, lightly toast some pita bread.

Note: you can play this two ways; either cut open your pita and add the beef into the pocket, topped with some of the Tzatziki, Feta, and red onion, or, do as we did and load ’em up taco style!

Mighty fine either way, and I plan on making this pot roast, and these Gyros, a lot more often.

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