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Best! Pineapple Mustard

Years ago, I was able to buy a slightly sweet, slightly hot, and totally wonderful Pineapple Mustard, which went unbelievably well as a glaze over lobster stuffed breast of veal. Then, the company stopped making the wonderful mustard, and I … Continue reading

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Seasoned Oyster Crackers

Here’s a quick fix; made all the better because I normally have really bad luck with seasoned and baked snacks (think Chex Mix), but so far, two batches of these tasty little treats have turned out well. Yay! It all … Continue reading

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Parfait! Flatbread Stars

I got the idea for making these kinda cunning little beauties from our friend Ellen, who brings these wonderful little cucumber sammiches to gatherings where she bakes the bread in a star-shaped tube. I don’t have one of those tubes, … Continue reading

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Next! Gordita (style) Sauce

Rich was in the mood for Gorditas, and in a strange turn of post-Thanksgiving logic, thought that chicken would be a nice change of pace… Teh chicken was a non-issue, I sliced some boneless and skinless thighs into strips, tossed … Continue reading

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Flat Bread or Stromboli Dough

I was really pleased with this dough recipe when I first made it for Sloppy Joe ‘Za, but I had thought it made too much dough for one ‘za, and really, two were a bit too much for just us. … Continue reading

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