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Horseradish and Citrus Salad

So… don’t run screaming from your electronic device, but this IS a recipe for a Jell O molded salad. The thing is, this salad is actually pretty darned good! My Aunt Buzz used to make a version of this to … Continue reading

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Cottage Cheese Waffles

I had some cottage cheese leftover from making a batch of White Lasagna, so went on the interwebs to see what suggestions I could find. Hmmm. Cottage cheese pancakes looked interesting, but, surely, if one could make pancakes with cottage … Continue reading

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White Lasagna

Rich came across a recipe on Taste of Home that he wanted me to try so, when we had some family up, I thought I’d experiment. Hey, if you can’t experiment on family, who can you experiment on? I know … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Lasagna

At first glance, long time readers of this here food blog thing-y are gonna be saying: “Wait! Isn’t that Johnny Mazetti Spaghetti? What’s it doing here on a Monday? Parfait! posts are on Fridays!” But, no. This is not, in … Continue reading

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Parfait! Better For You Horseradish Sauce

Let us be totally honest here: most of the bottled horseradish sauces at your local market are loaded with pretty crappy stuff that you do not really want to ingest, but, y’know, that stuff kinda needs to be shelf stable … Continue reading

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Butternut Squash & ‘Shroom Lasagna

I am not a hoooge fan of squash, but, ’tis the season, and, my local family farm had one, final $10 Mystery Bag o’ the season, and it was loaded with peppers and squashes. The peppers were simple: pepper jelly. … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Vodka Sauce

Sometimes, you just want a nice bowl of pasta with a zippy sauce, but mebbe could do without adding meat (we are just over the holidays, and all that excess, after all). This sauce, being a vodka sauce, is not … Continue reading

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Sour Cream Substitute

Consider the dip. Basic, almost a must have, at many gatherings this time of year; and made up – normally – of sour cream and some sort of spice and flavor blend, whether from a packet or your own, time-tested … Continue reading

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Roasted Asparagus and Tomato Crustless Quiche

Rich came across this recipe in Diabetic Living magazine (which is now available as just one of many magazines to choose from for $9.95/month on the nextissue app) and asked me to make it. Since we were having a few … Continue reading

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(Real) Cheese, Gee Whizzz!

Yeh, I could’ve bought a jar or two of the cheez product made by that large, no-doubt friendly, multi-national down the street, but, much as with The Cheeez of Threes, it turns out that making it yourself is pretty darned … Continue reading

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