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Honey Curry Chicken

This is another recipe from my Aunt Buzz, whom, I have noted, hated to cook, but loved to entertain, so it is wicked simple to toss together and then stash in the oven while you have another martini or three. … Continue reading

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Yeh. I was a little bit leery about this too – brats and ketchup and curry powder over fries? Still, I had to try it, and, you know what? This may very well be my new fave way to serve … Continue reading

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Tuna Salad With Curry and Parmesan

Let’s close up this week’s posts with a classic: Tuna Salad! But… this tuna salad takes a couple of steps away from the expected with the surprisingly tasty addition of curry powder and Parmesan cheese! Then, just to add to … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Shrimp Meatballs, and Bonus Louis Salad!

It was a hot and sticky summer’s day, and we were having some friends over for a mini Book Club lunch. Barb was bringing her family’s famous Chili Crack, and I had prepped the fixin’s for Strawberry and Basil Spritzers … Continue reading

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Curry & Parmesan Tuna Salad

Yeh. I know, it sounds like a weird, never gonna work combination; but it is actually wicked tasty, and perfect for sammiches, as an actual salad, and even as a dip for crackers. I came across the original recipe years … Continue reading

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So, Tonnato… Basically, as I see it, is puréed tuna salad with capers. And anchovies, but I cannot abide anchovies, so I chose to add a bit of Worcestershire sauce. In any event; it works a treat as a sammich … Continue reading

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Curry Waffles

I got this handy-dandy mini waffle maker for Valentine’s Day, and thought I’d take it for a spin by making a batch of Curry Waffles. ?!? Waffles with curry? Yeppers, and they worked a treat with an onion and Tamari … Continue reading

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Kedgeree With Smoked Salmon and Curried Peas

First things first. This is not your traditional kedgeree; I use packaged yellow rice as a base, and then locally smoked Lake Michigan salmon, and, I even bought my hard cooked eggs, well… hard cooked at the market, because, for … Continue reading

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Yogurt Marinade for Pork Chops

We were at the market, and Rich was perusing the butcher’s case. He came across these lovely thick cut, bone in pork chops and asked me about having a couple for dinner. We were a couple of days away from … Continue reading

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Parfait! Corned Beef Salad

My friend Jenny’s Gram knew her way around salads – especially potato salad and – yes – it’s true, corned beef salad. Jenny and her Gram used this almost exclusively as a sammich filling, but, it turns out it also … Continue reading

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