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Key Lime Pie

We have a soft spot in our hearts around here for key lime pie. Usually, when the mood strikes, it is only the matter of a drive down the street to our local fishmonger/smokehouse/baker to pick up a slice or, … Continue reading

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Butterscotch & Bourbon Pudding

We were having one of the last gatherings of the holidaze season and, well, it was the holidaze, so I wanted a wow-worthy dessert. Pudding! “Pudding?” Yeppers! Home made and with a not so secret ingredient: bourbon. No, this pudding … Continue reading

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Parfait! Blender Hollandaise Sauce

There are folk out there who maintain that one should be able to make Hollandaise the traditional way before giving in to the ease and convenience of using one’s blender to cut out all that (let us be totally frank, … Continue reading

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Asparagus “Fries” with Sriracha Aioli

As I was planning our Easter feast, I came across a posting on facebook from an old and much trusted boss (hi, Diane!) for breaded baked (“fried”) asparagus served with a roasted garlic aioli. We love roasted asparagus just about … Continue reading

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Blender Hollandaise Sauce

We’re having a small brunch gathering this coming Sunday for Easter, and I had this idea for a main course in my head. It was based on an interesting ‘Eggs  Benedict Casserole’ recipe I came across; but I was thinking … Continue reading

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