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Best! Deviled Egg Dip

Based on a recipe I came across on the interwebs; this is a great way to change up your deviled egg intake. I served this batch with gluten free sweet chili crackers from ALDI, and everyone was asking for more! … Continue reading

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Not Your Momma’s Egg Salad (Plus, a Bonus!)

Not to say that there is anything wrong with your momma’s egg salad. For me, I don’t recall my mom every making the stuff, and the concoctions I came across at gatherings and university cafeterias made me kinda glad she … Continue reading

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Pressure Cooker Eggs

A lot of my friends and I have found ourselves in possession of electric pressure cooker “multi pots” in the past year or so; and collectively, we have been learning exactly what to do with them. I’ve made risotto, cooked … Continue reading

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Bacon ‘n Eggs ‘n Spinach ‘n Pasta

When I came across this recipe on the interwebs, it called for using cheese tortellini and no spinach or cream. Well… I had spinach ravioli in the fridge, a bag of baby spinach in the crisper, and some heavy cream … Continue reading

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Savory Deviled Eggs

I needed a couple of hard-cooked eggs for spinach salad, so figured I may as well toss a few extra into the pot and put together some deviled eggs for our holiday feast. I kind of skimped a bit on … Continue reading

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