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Parfait! Soul Rolls – Now Baked!

Soul Rolls – a recipe from Coolio – are one of my most popular and asked for appetizers. Even friends who have trouble with gluten will make an exception for these. And – yes – I love my friends, but … Continue reading

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White Lasagna

Rich came across a recipe on Taste of Home that he wanted me to try so, when we had some family up, I thought I’d experiment. Hey, if you can’t experiment on family, who can you experiment on? I know … Continue reading

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Parfait! Three Pigs Pasta Sauce

My Aunt Buzz had a spaghetti sauce recipe passed down from her mother in law. It was made with spare ribs and was really most excellent. Of course, Aunt Buzz being Aunt Buzz, she wouldn’t share the recipe; so I’ve … Continue reading

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Three Pigs Pasta Sauce

I am not gonna lie to you, this is a kindofan involved recipe, with boning and browning meat and chopping veggies and two large pots over at least one day (it’s better if you make it over two, tho’), but… … Continue reading

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Kale Soup

Kale is kinda an “IT” veggie of late, filled with all sorts of health bringing qualities; but we are not here to talk about kale chips or kale smoothies… we are here to talk about soup. Kale soup. With sausage … Continue reading

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Parfait! Penne Pasta Pizza Casserole – Single Serve!

When I am right, I am right. Earlier this week, I posted about a pretty decent casserole made with penne, Italian sausage, veggies, a nice bit of sauce, some fresh mozz, a bit of shaved Parmesan, and freshly sliced deli … Continue reading

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Penne Pasta Pizza Bake

Rich came across this recipe from Angie McGowan on the Betty Crocker site, and thought it looked like a good thing to try. We had some deli pepperoni, fresh mozzarella in the cheese drawer, and a fair bit of my … Continue reading

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