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BBQ Pinto Beans With Spiced Refried Black Beans

This is a case I should have saved for Parfait! Friday, as it is a classic case of tumbling stuff together to clean up the fridge and hoping it’ll be edible, at least. It was frikkin’ awesome! The pinto beans … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Ribs & Pinto Beans

It is hard to resist the idea of a nice batch of ribs slow roasted over pinto beans and veggies with a tangy barbecue sauce; so, when the nice folk at Southern Living published a recipe, I quickly took it … Continue reading

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3-Bean Chili

We were slouching about Northern Wisconsin with friends over the weekend and stopped at Culver’s for lunch. We’d had a big breakfast, and were anticipating a big dinner, so Rich and I were just looking for a little sumpin’ sumpin’ … Continue reading

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Pinto Beans Fast!

Well, fast is a relative term… Still, 3 hours from sorting and rinsing a new bag o’ beans to soft, slightly smashed, and just a little bit spicy is practically instant in the world of dried beans. Bon Appétit first … Continue reading

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