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Arancini – an Air Fryer Recipe!

Who doesn’t love arancini – little balls of rice and cheese dipped in egg, then breaded and then fried? They could be kinda fussy to put together, though; and then there was the added fat in the actual frying. But! … Continue reading

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Rice and Asparagus Salad

I came across this recipe as a side dish to a Food Network recipe for ham steaks with a chive sauce. Thing is, I like the side so very much more than the main course, even to including it in … Continue reading

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Veggie Jambalaya…ermmm, with shrimp and sausage

My sister was driving out for a vist from the East Coast. One of our cousin’s dad lives a couple of towns over from my village in far northeastern Illinois, so they decided to share the drive and take two, … Continue reading

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Parfait! Pressure Cooker Pork Risotto

So far this week, we’ve played around with a nice new beer and milk based marinade for pork (and/or chicken), grilled those marinated pork chops and served ’em with a fine artichoke and cherry peppers topping, and then turned the … Continue reading

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Asian BBQ Beef Burritos

This just looked too good not to try: thin (sammich sliced) sirloin steak, slow cooked in a pear, ginger, garlic, and tamari sauce rolled into a flour burrito with rice, fresh herbs, green onion, kimchee, and a spiced mayonnaise based … Continue reading

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Spanish Rice

What better to go with our dry braised brisket tacos than a nice batch of my favorite yellow rice? What? I am out of yellow rice?!? Bother. Fortunately, after a search of da google, I find that my stash of … Continue reading

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Gruyère Risotto (Pressure Cooker Recipe)

So, I got this kinda cool kitchen appliance for my birthday; a pressure cooker/rice cooker/slow cooker combination with a few other options thrown in for good measure. I think it was the ‘risotto’ option that sold my husband on buying … Continue reading

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Tuna and Pineapple Curry

This is one of those dishes that could be really good, or really terrible… As it turned out, it was really good, but, surprisingly, needed a bit more curry. See, I came across the basis for this recipe on a … Continue reading

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30 Minute Risotto

I wanted a little sumpin’ sumpin’ special to go with our Scallops Provençal for dinner and thought about this recipe I’d come across for making real risotto in the ‘wave in a bit under half an hour! The recipe, found … Continue reading

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Baked Risotto

First, there was the dried cherry gastrique, then the pork tenderloin tips; now, let us complete our dinner menu with this simple baked risotto – no standing over a pot and stirring until stuff come together into a creamy, delicious … Continue reading

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