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Marinated Chuck Steak

I was poking around the meat case at my grocer – as one does – and came across a special on boneless chuck steak. Hmmm. Two pounds of boneless – sure, kinda fatty (but still tasty – if done right) … Continue reading

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Smoky Cole Slaw

Another month, another cole slaw (coleslaw?). Just last month, I published my – then – my new favorite cole slaw. Now, I have another. All in all, this web thing-y has, now, seven different coleslaw recipes – all of them … Continue reading

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Parfait! BESTERER! Ham Salad

A bit over a year ago, I published my EUREKA! moment for coming up with a ham salad spread that tasted as good as the one I recall from my college days. One trick I’d learned was to chop the … Continue reading

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Smoked Brown Sugar

So, yeh… Today’s post is more in the category of Stuff I Like than a recipe, but I think it needs to be shared and you need to check this seriously terrific stuff out. Three words: Smoked. Brown. Sugar. I … Continue reading

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