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Creamy French Dressing, Plus, A Bonus!

Yes, I am aware of just almost exactly how many French dressings I have posted to this here interwebs thingy… There is your Catalina, your Western style, your ‘Fresh‘ (tho’ that’s not one of my favorites), and myriad other variations. … Continue reading

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One TASTY Burger

I came across a couple of recipes on the web for ‘Animal Burgers’ – which are, apparently, a specialty of the In-N-Out burger chain. They called for slathering the burgers in yellow mustard before cooking, then serving them with onions … Continue reading

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Turkey Taco Salad

Let’s start the week with a little sumpin’ sumpin’ simple. I call it simple because I had leftover taco seasoned ground turkey in the fridge that needed to be dealt with, and had put together a pint of special sauce/salad … Continue reading

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Parfait! Big Cheeseburger ‘Za!

Y’know, you don’t really need to go out to have your dose of ‘two all beef patties, special sauce…” – you can enjoy this treat, hot from the oven, in your own home – and in ‘Za! form! We even … Continue reading

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It’s Special…

It’s cold. It’s gray. It’s SNOWING! Grrr. Oh well, can’t do anything about the weather but wait for it to get better; and really; if it’s going to be all cold and gray and everything, at least the snow brightens … Continue reading

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