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Parfait(ish)! Better Berries!

I have covered this nifty trick for improving your berries – or, most any fruit, really – in other posts, which makes it a Parfait! (repeat) post. But! It would seem that I haven’t spotlighted just the method of macerating … Continue reading

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Fruit Salad With Cucumber

??? Yep, you read that headline correctly; I was looking at a surfeit of fruit and cucumbers that I was wonder what, exactly, to do with. But then, I was meeting friends for lunch and conversation and mebbe some wine. … Continue reading

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Fruit Salad With Lemon Curd Yogurt Sauce

SO, yes, I’ve done versions of this macerated fruit salad before, with Limoncello, and another version with Cointreau in place of the Limoncello. And all with that tasty lemon curd yogurt and honey sauce. This time, I was going to … Continue reading

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Two Day Strawberry Jam

First. Before you get all worked up; yes, this jam takes two days – well, really, an overnight – to make, but, most of that time is spent with the strawberries sitting in the sugar and minding their own bidness … Continue reading

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Limoncello Fruit Salad

Brighten up your morning with a nice bowl of fruit – strawberries and blueberries in this case – tossed with a bit of limoncello* and sugar, then topped with a tasty lemon curd and Greek yogurt cream. Yum. My sister … Continue reading

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Spinach Salad With Strawberries and Feta

Lot’s of folk think spinach salad and think warm bacon dressing, sliced egg, and mebbe those little Mandarin oranges. Not me. I had some of my new sweet onion poppy seed salad dressing in the fridge, a bag of baby … Continue reading

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Strawberry Jam With Riesling and Rosemary

So, yeh, strawberry jam in your slow cooker; flavored with a bit of sweet German wine and rosemary. Not too, too bad. And definitely worth the time to make, just don’t expect a lot of jam from your two pounds … Continue reading

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The Doris Project (TDP) Week 18: Strawberry Salsa

Strawberry jam, sure; and strawberry cookie bars are a no-brainer, heck, even strawberry ice cubes dropped into a sparkling cocktail are pretty much of a given, but… Strawberry salsa? Yeah, youbetcha! Today’s Doris Project recipe is a tangy blend of … Continue reading

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Parfait! Spiced Strawberry Bread

Wow! I cannot believe it’s been over three years since I last posted this truly fine fruit bread. In truth, I think that I had simply been making it so often that we kinda got tired of it, so the … Continue reading

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Parfait! Lemon Poppyseed Dressing – and a Salad, too!

What could be nicer on a warm summer’s evening than a cool spinach salad with fresh, sweet strawberries, sliced apple, onion, and nicely candied pecans? Why, a spinach salad with all of that good stuff all topped off with your … Continue reading

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