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Reuben Za!

I had this corned beef in the freezer, so I went ahead and cooked in in Guinness in the slow cooker, then finished it off in the oven with Barbecue Sauce. Nice. But… There was a lot of corned beef … Continue reading

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Parfait! Ham Quiche

For Christmas dinner, we brought a 16 pound spiral sliced ham down to my mom-in-law’s house. Well… after everybody enjoyed Snoop Dogg’s pineapple, honey, and milk glaze, and took leftovers home, we still had a pretty big chunk o’ ham … Continue reading

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Cubano Sammich

Technically, a Cuban Sammich is boiled ham, pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickle slices on Cuban bread. Which is a problem, you see, because I require mayonnaise of some sort on most of my sammiches. Which is now a problem … Continue reading

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Caramelized Onion Dip

One of the things my husband really does not care for is caramelized onions; so, when he sent me this recipe for a hot caramelized onion dip he’d found on the web at Sweet Paul Magazine, I was a bit … Continue reading

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Cauli ‘n Cheese

I came across a recipe on Food Network, nicely shared by George Stella, who called this – let us be honest – cauliflower and cheese casserole – a low carb mac and cheese. It is not. It is, however, mebbe … Continue reading

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Reuben Casserole

All the goodness of a Reuben sammich, baked into a casserole! I came across this recipe somewhere on the interwebs and apologize for not making note of the source for credit, because it really is wicked tasty; but then, a … Continue reading

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Parfait! Quiche Lorraine

An old brunch fave, Quiche Lorraine (AKA Bacon Quiche) is most always a welcome sight second or third thing on a Sunday morning (after coffee and checking the news feeds, of course). How handy that it can be made ahead … Continue reading

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Stir Fried Cabbage for…

It all started because I am kindasorta hooked on my new favorite coleslaw recipe. The market, as it happened, was only stocking these incredibly huge cabbages, I mean, they were ridiculously cheap, but wicked huge. Still, I really wanted  to … Continue reading

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Quiche, Crustless and (mostly) Flourless

So, yeh, there is one tablespoon of flour in the egg and cream mixture, but I’m guessing that an equal amount of almond or soy flour (or your own personal favorite) would do just as well. For the rest of … Continue reading

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Parfait! Ratatouille ‘Za! With Turkey Parm Meatloaf

In the true spirit of Parfait!, I’ve taken the leftovers from three of this week’s posts and turned them into something new and (very) tasty for dinner. I mentioned when I posted about it that the turkey Parmesan meatloaf was … Continue reading

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