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Crusty Potatoes and Creamed Feta Cheese

We spent the week of Thanksgiving with my sister and her family, and one night for dinner, she had mentioned thinking of making a barefoot contessa recipe of potatoes coated with olive oil, then rolled in a salt and herb … Continue reading

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Creole Pork Chops With Lemon and Thyme

My husband came across this recipe somewhere on the faceplace, and, when he shared it to my wall, a bunch of our friends volunteered to come over for a taste test. I am always good for that, but, this recipe … Continue reading

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Parfait! Greek Marinade For Souvlaki (or Salad)

Not too, too long ago, I posted about Chicken Souvlaki, which made for a fine pita sammich dinner. Now I’m back, having thought long and hard about the marinade/salad dressing that made the Souvlaki ermmm, Souvlaki; and I believe it … Continue reading

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Parfait! Pearl Onions in Champagne

Admittedly, normally an item for a ‘special’ dinner, this recipe; pearl onions sautéed in champagne with a bit of butter, brown sugar and thyme, is actually pretty simple to toss together, absolutely delicious, and a great excuse for opening a … Continue reading

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Dried Cherry Gastrique

Today’s post is about making a gastrique; caramellized sugar with vinegar (usually) used as a base for a sauce. The perfectly yummy pork tenderloin tips shown in the pic will be tomorrow’s post. For today, it’s all about the sauce. … Continue reading

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Pork With Plum Sauce and Vinegar

On our last trip to Costco, we brought home a kindofa huge pork roast, which I cut in half before bagging and freezing. I was thinking mebbe a Thai Pork Stew would be nice, and perhaps one of those Bacon … Continue reading

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Consider the Carrot…

So, as I was saying yesterday, I’d been looking around the interwebs for a munchie that would be good, but also that would be: sugar free, wheat/gluten free, and dairy free. Tall order, right? Well, I came across this recipe … Continue reading

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Pearl Onions in Champagne

Many folk are busily researching and planning and getting the last bits set for their big feast – THE dinner for many households. Thing is, most of the food is kinda…cheesy – in a GOOD way – sauced and dressed … Continue reading

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Champagne Braised Pearl Onions

OK, I admit it, I am a kindofa champagne snob. Growing up, it was always Moët & Chandon; and when I lived out West I flirted briefly with California’s Domaine Chandon (what a way to say ‘welcome to California’). Then, … Continue reading

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