You may have been wondering:

“What the HECK is the deal with this Parfait! thing that pops up every week or so?”

Well, back in the day, Lois (the mom on Malcolm in the Middle, not Rich’s cousin in Ontario – hey Lois!) would clean her fridge of leftovers each week by making ‘parfait’ – a heaping casserole combination of whatever happened to be hanging around, packed neatly into little, tiny containers.

There was also that vintage Jello ad I came across that called for scraping whatever you might have in the fridge together in your say-something-jello-mold, adding the jello of your choice and calling it a salad (!) – no doubt where Lois got the whole idea in the first place.

Parfait! is kind of like that.

NO! – no need to back slowly away from the blog, there will be no heaping glops of stuff featured (suspended in jello or not); THIS parfait will be a rerun – something featured earlier (indeed, still readily searchable) that I think should be brought back out into the light again.

Ermmm; it’s also just the two of us and the cat and the dog here, peeps. Even with monthly game nights and holiday dinners and house guests and plain ole everyday dinner parties, I can’t make something new EVERY day – so ‘Parfait! Friday’ – a weekly rerun of a past feature – really works for me.

Parfait! could be not-so-new, but improved, or it could be seasonally relevant, or maybe two separate recipes that really should go together (think Bacon Jam and Wicked Simple Baked Beans), or, it could just be a perfectly good recipe that we’ve kinda, sorta, forgotten about.

Kinda makes Parfait! perfect, no?

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