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Asparagus With Balsamic Butter

Asparagus is one of my all-time favorite foods, and now, while it only costs around $1 per pound, I am hard pressed to not pick up a bunch whenever I’m at the market. So, to keep Rich from turning green … Continue reading

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Parfait! Aunt Beezy’s Soda Bread

My very most favorite of soda breads, Barb’s Aunt Beezy’s, is a moist, flavorful bit of bread-y goodness that really should not be brought out only on special occasions (or Irish themed dinners). It comes together in next to no … Continue reading

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KC Salad Dressing

There are times that you just want something simple. Like a home made, good for you salad dressing that takes no time at all to toss together in the blender, and calls for honey in place of sugar. Oh, and … Continue reading

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The Doris Project (TDP) Week 12: Strawberry & Romaine Salad

It really doesn’t get much simpler (or better) than this: Fresh strawberries and thinly sliced red onion with crisp, shredded romaine lettuce; sprinkled, if you like, with lightly toasted sesame seeds. This recipe, from some un-named magazine, popped out of … Continue reading

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Cincinnati Style, Five Ways

1) Chili, of course. 2) Over spaghetti. 3) With black beans. 4) Chopped onion. 5) And shredded cheese on top. I changed a few things about one of Rich’s favorite fast-food treats, but it still tastes darned good, and, I … Continue reading

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Oh (Donair) Boy!

Yep, ’tis a TWO recipe day! Donair: a kinduva gyro type spiced meat thingy that can be roasted on a skewer (or on a rack in the oven) and then shaved off onto a pita (à la your Gyro sammich). … Continue reading

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Parfait! Best! ‘Sup!

Thick. Richly flavored. Nicely spiced. And, no flaming hot balls o’ tomato goo to deal with. I like that in a ketchup! I’ve adjusted quantities and cooking methods simplify things, too. The slow cooker makes things easy, and this blend … Continue reading

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Guinness and Vodka and Shrimp…

*sigh* C’mon, you know you want to say the rest of it, so, all together now: “OH MY!” Better? Still, this combination of shrimp, cooked in a nicely seasoned bit o’ Guinness, then tossed in a citrus and vodka marinade … Continue reading

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The Doris Project (TDP) Week 11: BBQ Green Beans

This week’s Doris Project comes to us by way of – me! I sent mom this recipe, based on a recipe printed in the Louisville Courier-Journal in 1990, then tried by me ten or so years ago and promptly forgotten, … Continue reading

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Irish Cream Cake

We were having friends over for a seasonal dinner of Guinness braised corned beef, boxty, and garlic roasted cabbage steaks. Now, what to do for dessert? I’d been thinkin’ a Guinness cake would be the perfect ending for the meal, … Continue reading

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