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A fine summer’s day…

My cherry tomatoes in ‘teh garden’ are coming in fairly well – but who could pass up lovelies like these at the market for 88¢/pound? With a lovely, earthy ‘tomato-ey’ aroma and a taste that defines the season; I have … Continue reading

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French Dressing

As I’ve visited vintage food sites, it’s been interesting to not only see, but to read about what folks were eating back in the day. One of the things I noticed – aside from the shocking number of jello salads … Continue reading

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So simple to make, but such a wonderful treat. For some folks, popovers mean pot roast or a nice roast beast, but I made these as a delivery system for a close to 40 year old recipe card I came … Continue reading

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Green Beans Mandarin

Nope. No little, tiny orange segments. Mandarin, in this case, refers to the Chinese cuisine that prizes presentation and style as much as flavor. I’m not certain the emperors of old would have looked kindly on having a side dish … Continue reading

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A Macaroni Salad of a Different Color!

My mom cut this recipe out a long time ago – I’m guessing late 60’s/early 70’s, taped it to a card and stashed it in her recipe box where we never, ever, in my recollection, had it. Too bad for … Continue reading

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‘Teh Garden’ in Morning…

I fed all the plants and then trimmed the basil – a study in contradiction – no? – feed the critters so they’ll grow and then hack ‘em back once they do. Now my hands smell wonderfully like ‘summer’ and … Continue reading

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Yes, I know; it’s been barely two weeks since chili glazed brussels sprouts, and here we are again? Well, I’ll tell ya’ – brussels sprouts are GOOD! You just don’t want to have them after someone has boiled the heck … Continue reading

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Steak and Chop Marinade

We have had a TON of rain – some expressways in Chicago are closed this morning due to flooding (!) and a sinkhole in Milwaukee swallowed an Escalade yesterday (kind of fitting, if you ask me), but other than the … Continue reading

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Soup an’ Sammiches an’ Stuff

I still have my minions working on a table of contents/recipe index thingy. We THINK we may have a solution, but it’s tied up in the QC Testing and General Hobnobbing committee (QTaGH) – they assure me it’s the next, … Continue reading

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Buffalo Chicken Chili

Rich had a work dinner at a restaurant in town with a menu that screams (to me) pretentiousness – when you go on about where the greens and cherries in a particular salad are from, I begin to wonder about … Continue reading

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