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“Everything” Deviled Egg Dip

At this point, who hasn’t heard of  Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Seasoning? Friends add it to all sorts of things, and my husband likes it sprinkled on hard cooked eggs, so, I got to thinking… Family and friends … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake Dip – Gluten-Free!

I was planning for a week of family feasting and, while several family and friends volunteered very nice sounding desserts; I wasn’t seeing any gluten-free options. Then, this recipe showed up in my email from the nice folk at, … Continue reading

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Let Us Sauce ALL the Cranberries!

Well… relish more like. Cranberry relish, that is. Julia Child’s cranberry relish, thank you very much. I have been making this for the holidaze for *mumble mumble* years, and it is truly one of my favorite parts of the feast. … Continue reading

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Honey French (Cyborg) Bread

Why cyborg? Well, because this very nice loaf of bread started out in the bread machine, but was then rescued from teh machine and finished in the oven in a traditional bread pan. The result? No more hoooge “paddle hole” … Continue reading

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Sweet Chili Glazed Salmon – Now With Hot Honey!

To be perfectly honest, I prefer this salmon on the grill, but it really is totally tasty baked as well. Just, do not try to broil it; my fishmonger maintains that broiling is terrible for fish, and I am not … Continue reading

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My Take on Sofrito

Before we even start, let me just say that I know that this is not the sofrito my niece’s grandmother would have made. And I am OK with that. See, my husband does not care for green peppers, and I … Continue reading

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Amatriciana Sauce

One of my favorite places to go for breakfast is The Florentine in Chicago – mostly because of their over easy eggs served on top of a spicy pancetta and tomato sauce with grilled sourdough bread slices on the side. … Continue reading

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“Pecan Pie” Teacakes

I was wrangling a two pound bag of confectioners’ sugar around the kitchen when, I happened to notice a recipe for “chocolate chip teacakes” on the back of the bag. Hmmm. The recipe looked a lot like one my mom … Continue reading

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