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A new take on three bean salad

I’ve done a three bean salad using canned green beans, black beans, and chick peas, and it was good. Now, we’re moving on to one calling for frozen green beans, roasted lima beans, and canned cannellini beans; and, while it … Continue reading

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Fresh French Dressing

So, we like to slouch about this local book store/coffee shop with friends of a Thursday evening. In truth, I think it’s much more of a coffee shop than a book store – but they have big, squashy leather chairs, … Continue reading

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Roasted Lima Beans

I have never been what you could call a ‘fan’ of the lima bean. Some kids mom’s tried to dress ’em up with a tomato or white or cheese sauce; my mom was a believer in serving veggies in all … Continue reading

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My $10 Tomato

Friends of ours have their $100,000 rain gutter, and my car has its $1200 headlight (both rather long stories you really don’t need to hear, do you?), and now, in much the same vein, I have my tomato, the first … Continue reading

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Parfait! Vichyssoise

Ice cold (note the frost on the blender jar) and smooth as silk, but with a small bite of garlic; what could be better on a sunny summer’s evening than, ermmm, potato soup? Step away from the exits, people, this … Continue reading

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Mr. Yoshida’s Magical Sauce

Our friends Bob and Don rave about Mr. Yoshida’s. Well, Bob raves; Don nods and notes that he doesn’t really care for it, but will, if coerced just a bit, admit that most folk think it da Bomb! It is. … Continue reading

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Peach Galette

It has been good year for me, peach wise. In seasons past, I’ve chosen, without fail, the nastiest tasting peach available – but this year, whether due to careful selection of fruit purveyor(s) or sheer dumb luck, we’ve been enjoying … Continue reading

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Spiced Honey Vinegar Chicken

Good, and pretty good for you, to boot – can’t beat that with a stick! This recipe showed up in my inbox a while ago from the nice folk at Cooking Light Magazine, and I finally had the thighs to … Continue reading

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Baked(!) Hush Puppies

And no, I am not talkin’ about the shoes. I was raised in more of a bread and/or biscuit family, so never really came across the spiced corn goodness that be a hushed puppy until I was older, but even … Continue reading

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I got nuthin’…

it’s cloudy, a tad on the cool side, and I am uncertain whether the rumbling I’m hearing is thunder, or just some of the participants from the Chicago Air and Water Show going a bit long to make a turn. … Continue reading

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