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In Praise of Braised Celery

I have been meaning to make this for a long time, and now, I rue all that time wasted because we have not been able to enjoy braised celery. Yes. Celery. Cooked. And oh, so tasty and simple to toss … Continue reading

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When Life Gives You Chicken…

We have been doing this weekly food kit thing for the past couple of years, and it is usually pretty spiffy. You check out an on-line menu and make your selection(s) by Friday evening, then come the following Monday, like … Continue reading

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Cincinnati-Style Chili

There are probably as many different recipes for Cincinnati Chili as there are folx who make it, so I make no apologies for my take on this classic. I use a ‘meatloaf mix” of ground beef and pork (bonus if … Continue reading

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Mary’s Meatloaf

Our friend Mary is always posting about her projects; home made sausage, canned chicken or clams, sausage and gravy, and more, so, when she posted a meatloaf recipe last fall and confessed that, while many meatloaf recipes have failed her, … Continue reading

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Waldorf Coleslaw

Barbecued Corned Beef? Check. Aunt Beezy’s Soda Bread? Gotcha. Now, what to make for a side for our St. Patrick’s Day feast? How about a nice Waldorf Salad, but with a twist? Hint, it’s all about teh cabbage. INGREDIENTS Dressing: … Continue reading

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Ham Salad

Back in the day, this was my GO TO lunch at school. Well, back then, it was offered on white or wheat bread, not a carb-balance tortilla wrap with added organic Romaine. Still and all… Ham Salad. *SIGH* I have … Continue reading

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Shrimp Toast

For the holidaze, my husband had a taste for shrimp cocktail, with my own home made Cocktail Sauce, of course, so, since we were at a store known for their spendy, but usually quite good stuff; we picked up a … Continue reading

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Parfait! Swiss Turkey Casserole

For me, one of the best things about Thanksgiving is the leftovers; and one of my very favorite things to do with leftovers is to make Swiss Turkey Casserole. Starting out about 50 years ago as my Aunt Buzz’s company-worthy … Continue reading

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Whole Chicken in the Multi Pot

This is one of my favorite – and, really, easiest – ways to make a whole chicken. The multi pot lets me brown the bird, sauté the veggies, finish the bird to tender, tasty perfection, and then make the gravy; … Continue reading

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Smashed Potato Salad

A nice, simple, tasty potato salad, this recipe is an adaptation of Korean Potato Salad, with more the traditional chopped red onion added in place of cucumber; and, while it certainly looks like there might be mustard in the dressing, … Continue reading

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