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Tuna Salad With Curry & Parmesan

First off… What?!? Tuna salad with both curry and Parmesan cheese? Yeppers! And, it is the only way I make it anymore; whether for sammiches or, in this case, as part of a pretty darned spiffy main course dinner salad. … Continue reading

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Parfait! The Return of a Classic

Back in the day, Swiss Chicken Casserole was a mainstay dinner at my Aunt Buzz’s house; and it was always welcomed. Well except for my dad, who did not eat chicken. Aunt Buzz would use poached chicken breasts, but I’ve … Continue reading

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Braised Celery

Waaay back in 2005, I loved the novel “Julie and Julia” by Julie Powel. Then, in 2009, I loved the movie version, with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Both the book and the movie had scenes of a dinner party … Continue reading

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Whole Chicken and Gravy in the Pressure Cooker

One of our absolute fave meals; an organic whole chicken from Trader Joe’s browned and cooked in the Multi Pot, and then, while the chicken is resting, the gravy magic happens! And, even better – now I’ve paired it with … Continue reading

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Swedish Meatballs

I was scrolling through one of those news aggregator sites and I came across an article where they tasted and compared frozen meatballs. I love articles like this because, sometimes the results are a surprise – like when Target’s canned … Continue reading

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Pretty Tasty Rice Noodles

Yesterday, I posted about making Manchurian Sauce, one of my absolute faves in Indian cuisine. Today, I am gonna share the simple, wicked tasty rice noodles I served it with. I used linguini sized wide rice noodles and, for my … Continue reading

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Mashed Potato Salad

Summer Sunday evenings almost require potato salad, and this one comes together without too much fuss. I have to admit, my new fave Ranch Relish added a lot of flavor to the salad and the dressing, so try not to … Continue reading

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Sweet and Sour Shrimp, Indian Style

There is no “one” Indian cuisine or cooking style. Our pharmacist, being originally from Punjab, maintains that their cooks and cuisine is the best. One of my faves is Indo-Chinese; which is a fusion of the two country’s foods and … Continue reading

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Again With Mary’s Meatloaf

Yeh. I know. At this point in November, I should be posting something about turkey or stuffing or some such, and I will, but… at some point, don’t we just need a simple, tasty meatloaf? Mebbe with French Peas and … Continue reading

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Buffalo Chicken Tatchos

This recipe showed up somewhere from the nice folx at Food Network, and I thought it would work a treat as the main course for an early afternoon Book Club gathering. It is gluten free, and I kept the pickled … Continue reading

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