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Gluten-Free Creamsicle Cheesecake

And, just when you think it safe to smugly disparage jello, along comes something wonderful like this… A cheesecake that tastes like one of those orange and vanilla creamsicles. Oh, and it is Guten-frikkin-Free! So. Bonus! The nice folk at … Continue reading

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Let’s Have a Guinness (Cake)!

It’s April, and so it was time to celebrate my husband’s birthday by having friends over to share a cocktail, some Thai-Style Stew, rather a lot of wine, and, of course, this tasty take on a chocolate Guinness cake. The … Continue reading

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Creamy Penne Florentine With Chicken

This week’s posts have been based around “help.” My bread machine dealt with the tedious kneading and first rise for my French Bread; and a jar of Cajun-style Shrimp Stew made for a pretty fantastic dinner with next to no … Continue reading

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Horseradish Sauce

Yeh, you could just buy a jar at the market, but, and trust me on this, home made is so very much better! And… with the weekend coming, a jar of this in the fridge will make most anything, burgers, … Continue reading

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Air Fryer Pork Flautas al Pastor

This recipe is a variation on another food kit that we quite enjoyed, though the food kit used thinly sliced pork and, going forward, I am gonna use ground pork. If pork doesn’t work for you, feel free to substitute … Continue reading

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Horseradish Sauce

When I make lamb, we always reach for… mint jelly? No. We prefer our lamb (and steaks and roasts and sammiches, too) served with horseradish sauce. And this horseradish sauce gets an extra little kick from the Trader Joe’s Dijon … Continue reading

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Beef Stroganoff

This is one of my husband’s favorite meals, but I really do not make it enough; so, when we had friends and family coming over for dinner just a bit after our tenth (official) anniversary, I decided to treat him. … Continue reading

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Aunt Buzz’s Vichyssoise

This is one of those classic (to me) summer recipes – enjoying a very cold bowl of potato soup in the dining room of Aunt Buzz’s bright yellow house; second down from the top of the mountain. Aunt Buzz loved … Continue reading

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Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas

A lot of folk were really interested when I made Rich’s mom’s Chicken Enchilada recipe so, when we were going to have a couple of friends over for Sunday dinner, I thought I might try another variation – this one … Continue reading

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Parfait! Guinness Cake

Rich. Dense. Chocolatey goodness. And, Guinness! This cake is not one of those light and airy confections. Nope, it is denser than your average fruitcake, but so loaded with flavor that you will not really care, so, let us explore … Continue reading

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