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Wild Rice Stuffing with Dried Cherries ‘n Stuff

Or, mebbe ‘dressing’. Some folk claim that dressing is simply another name for stuffing – one that the Victorians came up with so they didn’t have to think about anything being stuffed into anything else – perhaps there was a … Continue reading

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Wicked Tasty Turkey Salad Sammich

Yeh, I know: “What’s teh big deal – it’s a turkey sammich?” And this mainstay of the days after Thanksgiving does have a lot in common with your plain ole sammich – but it has a few surprises as well: … Continue reading

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Figgy Pudding Cake

How’s this for a way to ring in teh holiday season? Figs baked into a rich, spicy cake, drenched in espresso, and served with a brandied fruit and hard sauce. For that matter, who knew that ‘hard sauce’ was butter … Continue reading

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Apple and Bourbon Turkey

To channel the late Andy Rooney, did you ever notice that methods for making the Thanksgiving turkey often have their own fashion cycle? Fried turkey was all the rage (still is, judging by the fire department reports), and my sister … Continue reading

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Parfait! Roasted Beet Salad with Sanford House Dressing

Happy day after the big feast! I sincerely hope that everyone’s main course of choice met with a happier ending than did that bird in Christmas Vacation (a holiday-movie MUST in my family), and that all are interested in mebbe … Continue reading

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Happy Turkey Day! Oh, and Spiced Nuts!

Ermmm, as you can see, our bird is still under wraps – literally. I’ve covered it in cheesecloth and poured a bourbon, brown sugar, and apple cider marinade over all, then covered and stashed the works downstairs to be dealt … Continue reading

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Hot Water Corn Bread

How’s this for a quick little Thanksgiving put-up? Cornmeal, a little salt and sugar, plus a dab o’ butter, stirred together with some boiling water just until the butter melts and then fried. Truth be told, this recipe, which I … Continue reading

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Cranberry Happiness

Yeh, I know we’ve hit the cranberries a bit hard of late, what with Parfait! and cranberry peanut butter bars and all; but ’tis the season, and these bars are just too darned tasty not to share now, so’s you … Continue reading

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Cranberry Peanut Bars

I was thumbing through an errant another holiday-themed cookery magazine – this one “Our Best Holiday Menus” by the nice folk at Better Homes and Gardens from 2007 – that popped up in the book stacks downstairs before adding it … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie Spice

Folk who know me are well aware that I loathe/abhor/hate-with-every-fiber-of-my-being/really don’t care for pumpkin pie. Still, Rich likes it, and it IS Thanksgiving, so I don’t begrudge him his seasonally appropriate dessert. I DO, however, refuse to spend good money … Continue reading

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