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Chicken Tortellini Soup

After an overnight snowfall, today dawned bright, sunny, and a might bit chilly – it is currently a balmy, dry 10º F – so, what better time to talk about making a nice pot of chicken tortellini soup? Full disclosure: … Continue reading

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Flanken Cut Beef Short Ribs in the Pressure Cooker

Yesterday, I posted about one of my new fave barbecue blends – a Tamari and Pear combo with roasted garlic and sriracha barbecue sauce. Today, we’re gonna take that sauce, add flanken cut beef short ribs, toss it all in … Continue reading

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Asian Inspired Pear Barbecue Sauce

Dinner was supposed to be one of our faves: Korean Style Flanken Short Ribs in the Multi Pot, but… Even though I looked up availability on line before we went out and about shopping, the store I thought would have … Continue reading

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One(!) Pot Spaghetti and Sauce

For reals! Home made, creamy tomato sauce with spicy sausage (or ground beef, turkey, or pork, your choice) and spaghetti; all cooked in ONE (large) pot on top of the stove; and the only draining involved is disposing of the … Continue reading

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Charred Tomatoes With Basil

One of my markets had a pretty decent deal: 2 packages of grape tomatoes for $5 – but… you had to buy two to get the deal. Now, we like tomatoes, but for just the two of us, that is … Continue reading

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Better Banana Bread With Hot Honey Butter

One day late for what would have been my Aunt Buzz’s birthday; I am giving her yet another chance to haunt me by ‘gorping up’ – her term – one of her all-time classic recipes: Banana Bread. Buzz’s bread on … Continue reading

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