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Taco Mac

Sorry, I did not make note of where I came across the original version of this recipe, so, if it is one of yours, apologies for lack of proper accreditation. I did make note of the fact that I was … Continue reading

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Hot Dog Baked Potato

Well… OK. Technically, I used Vienna Beef Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, because that is how we roll around here; but, I gotta tell you, this here is a genius move! Swap out a baked potato for the hot dog roll … Continue reading

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Orange and Tamari Marinade for Pork

I came across a recipe for “the best pork marinade ever!” somewhere on the interwebs, and decided to try it out. And you know what? It is pretty darned tasty! The only caveat I would add is that you should … Continue reading

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Chicken Cobbler

I’ve been watching a couple of guys cooking on teh faceplace, and they have shown me some pretty cool stuff! Like, this Queso Cornbread hack. And now, this… Your Barefoot Neighbor posted a pretty interesting chicken cobbler recipe that I … Continue reading

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Honey Mustard Chicken With Bacon

The very nice folx at call this Alice Springs Chicken, after the dish at Outback steak house. I am unsure if it actually tastes like that, but I am certain that this made for a lovely dinner with a … Continue reading

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Honey Mustard Salad Dressing

One of my fave salad kits is the honey mustard spinach salad from Whole Foods. I guess it is a lot of other folx fave as well, because it is very often sold out when I go to look for … Continue reading

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Sausage Gravy

Every now and then, we have breakfast for dinner, and I thought that sausage gravy would be just the thing. Except… in place of the more usual biscuits, I went with a nice batch of buttermilk waffles. My husband, who … Continue reading

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Queso Corn Bread

I was wasting time watching videos on teh faceplace and came across B. Dylan Hollis, author of Baking Yesteryear making a corn bread recipe from the 1970’s or thereabout. The thing to remember is… Three! Two! One! Three eggs, two … Continue reading

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Green Beans Mandarin

This is one of those mid century recipes that is actually quite good. A can of green beans (I use the reduced sodium version) and a packet of seasoning from ramen noodles come together with a few other simple ingredients … Continue reading

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French Taco Salad

When I posted my Bacon Chili Dog Enchilada recipe, a friend commented that it looked really good (it was), but whoa! for cultural appropriation. Well, just call me The British Museum, ’cause I’m gonna be appropriating like heck with this … Continue reading

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