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The Doris Project (TDP) Week 16: Ham Loaf

Right; so, the house painting is done, and we are very pleased with the results. Almost as pleased as I am to have the kitchen back up and running with just about everything where I expected it to be – … Continue reading

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Sherry Peppers Short Ribs

The house had been torn apart for painting – a project we’d been talking about ever since building close to nine years ago. Now, everything was coming together, great local paint people and a kindofa cool (if I do say … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Pie – with a Twist

Ah, the traditional shepherd’s pie. Meat, potatoes, veggies; what’s not to love? Except… this shepherd’s pie is made with home made longaniza sausage and, in place of the potatoes, cauliflower, nicely smashed with cheese and seasoned with just a wee, … Continue reading

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Parfait! Best! Honey Mustard

We are in the final(?) day(s) of our more or less whole house painting project, and, while the house is a disaster, the colors are wicked awesome… ermmm, if I do say say myself. Last night I was finally able … Continue reading

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Quinoa, Buffalo Style

Quinoa, cooked, then cooked again, in a skillet with onion and garlic and parsley and corn flake crumbs and stuff… With cheese. And hot sauce. G-o-o-o-d quinoa! Hint: use a decent, non-stick, skillet to get nicely crispity quinoa with a … Continue reading

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A Project Deferred…

So, I had these great plans… As of this morning, we’re a touch over half way (I hope) through a kinduva major painting project – check out our living room as of yesterday evening – and gathering the supplies, pans, … Continue reading

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Garlic & ‘Shroom Scallops

Our local fishmonger and smoke house had some lovely scallops on ice when I stopped in one afternoon, and I thought ‘why not?’. $25 later, I was headed home with a pound of sweet, succulent beauties, and was thinking of … Continue reading

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Zucchini Pancakes

Nicely crisped and dressed with just a bit of home made honey mustard drizzled over the top, these veggie cakes are a nice change from the more usual zucchini-and-tomato combination. And this recipe, based on one from Williams-Sonoma, while fried, … Continue reading

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Parfait! Summer Squash Carpaccio

Don’t wait for summer to try this tasty little salad; made up of yellow and green summer squash (or, to us around here: zucchini and yellow squash) thinly sliced and layered with shallots, lemon juice, olive oil, a bit of … Continue reading

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(Real) Cheese, Gee Whizzz!

Yeh, I could’ve bought a jar or two of the cheez product made by that large, no-doubt friendly, multi-national down the street, but, much as with The Cheeez of Threes, it turns out that making it yourself is pretty darned … Continue reading

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