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Medianoche Salad Dressing

Longtime readers of this blog may recall how very much I like Medianoche (midnight) Mayonnaise on my Cuban sammiches. Now, with the addition of one or two (your choice) simple ingredients, sour cream and heavy cream, I’ve turned it into … Continue reading

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Aunt Buzz’s Grilled Cheese

Yesterday, I posted about Baked Ranch Saltines and Cheesy Tomato Soup. Today, I want to remind you about my Aunt Buzz’s most excellent grilled cheese – the perfect accompaniment to tomato soup. The basics of my Aunt’s grilled cheese were … Continue reading

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Tuna Salad With Curry and Parmesan

Let’s close up this week’s posts with a classic: Tuna Salad! But… this tuna salad takes a couple of steps away from the expected with the surprisingly tasty addition of curry powder and Parmesan cheese! Then, just to add to … Continue reading

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Ham, Peanut, & Pickle Spread

This is another one of those vintage recipes that looked kinda weird, but just interesting enough that I saved it to try when next we had folx over. Wow. What a fine and dandy little blast from the past for … Continue reading

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Potato Salad Surprise

Yeh, well, the surprise is that this totally boring – c’mon, it is a symphony in beige – potato salad is actually very, very good. See, I had some Yukon Gold potatoes that needed to be used and I was … Continue reading

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Gochujang and Gochujang Mayonnaise

Today’s post is kindofa “building” one. While home made, and Whole30 compliant, spicy Korean-style chili paste and mayonnaise are both more than worthy on their own, wait’ll you see how I use them! Tomorrow. For today, let as gather our … Continue reading

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Summer Sunday Bonus! Jardinière Salad

Not all of those recipes our moms clipped and stashed in a box back in the day are good for nothing but a laugh. Take this, a recipe my mom dutifully clipped from the back of a Kraft Mac and … Continue reading

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When Life Gives You Chicken…

We have been doing this weekly food kit thing for the past couple of years, and it is usually pretty spiffy. You check out an on-line menu and make your selection(s) by Friday evening, then come the following Monday, like … Continue reading

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Let’s Louis Like We Mean It!

One of my all time fave salads is assorted greens, blanched asparagus, and, if available, grilled shrimp or lobster. With Louis Dressing. Louis dressing, for those that are unfamiliar with it, is like Thousand Island has shed those awkward teen … Continue reading

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Mighty-Fine (Mebbe the Best!) Coleslaw

I am pretty particular about my coleslaw, and can easily say that this is my very fave. Well, my very fave that I can make at home. There is a dive chicken place in my mom-in-law’s old home town that … Continue reading

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