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Turkey Stock

Not exciting, I know, but if you toss out your turkey carcass without first making stock, you are really missing out – as a matter of fact, Rich was downstairs while I had this pot simmering, and was actually disappointed … Continue reading

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Roasted Beet Salad

You know, there’s not really much to this recipe – I basically covered it on Thanksgiving – but it is so tasty (even if you aren’t a beet fan), and so simple, and just so downright pretty on a platter … Continue reading

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Turkey Tostadas…

with refried black beans and yesterday’s Cranberry Chipotle Sauce – what a nice way to go through your Thanksgiving leftovers! I will confess that, again, I cut a few corners – I didn’t see the need to fry the tortillas … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different…

Sort of. Family is headed home to Indiana from a great holiday week visit with lots of good conversation, tasty food (if I do say so myself), and nice wine. Now it’s time to get things prepared for this evening’s … Continue reading

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The day after…

Indeed; it is all truly over – ermmm, except for the dishes –  tho’ I am on the last load – and I wouldn’t be sitting up through THAT if I hadn’t stoopidly decided to run the coffee pot through … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

And nothing says Thanksgiving like a big ole’ roasting pan of beets, does it? Not to worry – the beets are being roasted for a salad – with romaine, red onion, toasted pecans, Greek olives and, I think, the spiced … Continue reading

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Roasted Artichoke Hearts

Here’s another bit o’ munchy goodness from the barefoot contessa in her latest book “how easy is that?”. I will confess that, due to pantry differences and errors in shopping lists, I needed to make a few small – shall … Continue reading

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Maple Corn Bread

Family arrived safely yesterday afternoon for the week, and we welcomed them in with a large pot of espresso black bean chili, a nice toasted pecan salad with spiced dressing, and this nice tin of corn bread, made with buttermilk … Continue reading

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Mmmmmm Pecan Pie

So, family arrives this afternoon, and I wanted a little sumpin’ sumpin’ on hand for dessert before we start putting together the Feast day sweets later this week. Rich plans to make Oatmeal Scotchies later on today, but I liked … Continue reading

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How YOU doin’?

‘Tis the Sunday before The Feast, and I think we need to step back and think about stuff. Ermmmm, and, um, stuffing too. Cranberry relish is made and sitting happily in the fridge. Leftover bits of Sweet Honey French Bread … Continue reading

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