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Buttermilk-Brined Chicken

Rich doesn’t really care for chicken thighs; he thinks they’re kind of fussy to eat and not really worth the effort, so I don’t normally buy them. Unless the market has a too-good-to-pass-up sale on Perdue thighs for $1/pkg. At … Continue reading

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Crispy Chocolate Bars

I was rooting through the baking cupboard; you know, the place over the fridge where we stash the extra flour and sugar, all that Jello – still a mystery to me – and other necessities for baking, when I came … Continue reading

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The basil keeps getting taller, so it was most definitely time to act; time for pesto! I referred to my trusty favorites, and the barefoot contessa didn’t let me down. Except… The contessa’s recipe calls for 5 cups (packed!) of … Continue reading

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Pain Trouvé and Maple Roasted Bacon

Ahhhhh. A lazy summer Sunday morning. The storms have passed, the Sunday Trib’ isn’t TOO damp, and Astrud Gilberto is breathing about flying us to the moon on the iPod. A perfect time for an easy breakfast. French toast is … Continue reading

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Breakfast out

The sudden change to our weekend plans – and the knowledge that our friend was fine – left us up on the early side of the morning with nothing much really to do. Solution? Breakfast at Avalon – which for … Continue reading

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Sesame Shrimp Kebabs

*sigh* No getaway to Michigan this weekend. One of our fellow travelers had a gall bladder attack in the wee, small hours of the morning and is waiting to get in to see his doctor. On the bright side, our … Continue reading

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Macaroni Salad

The weather seems to have broken for the moment – clear blue skies and none of the haze and rain (and thunder and lightning and hail and tornado warnings and toads… well, OK, no toads – but it certainly felt … Continue reading

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Speaking of my Aunt Buzz (you will recall we left her in the cellar with her flashlight, deck of cards, and bottle of vodka during yesterday’s storms), I have another quick fix from her stash of recipes – zanzetti! I … Continue reading

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Veggie ‘Za

Summer has really only just begun (STOP humming that song!) and we keep getting dumped on with the thunder and lightning and wind and rain. Last night’s storm whipped through just after Rich went to bed, so he missed the … Continue reading

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First Harvest!

The solstice has brought continued real summer weather; more hot, hazy humid, stormy stuff. On the plus side, the plants and gardens are all doing fantastically well – there are flowers on my tomatoes and the basil looks to be … Continue reading

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