Pasta Sauce Recipes

Amatriciana Sauce: November 5, 2019
A nicely spiced pancetta and tomato sauce.

Amatriciana Sauce, With Pork: September 12, 2022
A good option when you are out of pancetta, but have some nicely seasoned leftover grilled pork in your freezer.

Artichoke and Spinach Cream Sauce: January 30, 2017
Loaded with veggies, milk, cream, Parmesan and Mozzarella cheeses, this sauce should be on your go to list.

Artichoke Tomato Sauce, The Doris Project, Week 28: July 23, 2014
A very nice, meatless sauce for pasta or ? and ready in a bit under an hour.

Best! Doctored Pasta Sauce: August 27, 2012
Parfait! Doctored Pasta Sauce: May 8, 2015
Parfait! Pasta Sauce, Doctored: February 17, 2017
Starting with a jar of decent spaghetti sauce, you can add a ton of flavor and veggie goodness to your dinner.

Bloody Mary Pasta Sauce: October 16, 2023

Chop Suey, American: November 1, 2023
A macaroni and cheese twist.

Diavolo Sauce for Pasta: September 1, 2015
I used frozen, cooked shrimp for this sauce, but feel free to substitute other seafood, cooked sausage, tofu, or no additional protein source at all; this sauce is perfectly fine all on its own.

Garlic Pasta Sauce: January 7, 2013
Sautéed garlic, olive oil, and fresh chopped parsley come together to make One. Fine. Pasta Sauce. Add your pasta of choice, a bit of good Parmesan, and a dusting of your best black pepper (Tellicherry, in this house), and you have yourself a pretty darned tasty dinner. I had some shrimp laying about that were quite nice in the sauce, too.

Gorgonzola and Toasted Walnut Cream Sauce: March 16, 2020

Hamburger Spaghetti Sauce: January 23, 2017

Lamb Ragu With Pappardelle: March 27, 2017

Linguiça Sauce: July 28, 2011

Marinara: April 23, 2012
If you like things a bit spicier, try this version.

Marinara, Fast: December 16, 2013

Meatloaf Pasta Sauce: March 23, 2021

Parma Rosa Pasta Sauce: April 3, 2011

Pesto: June 28, 2010

Pesto, Basil and Walnut: August 14, 2013

Pesto, Pancetta, and Tomato Sauce: November 29, 2018

Pesto, Parsley and Pistachio: December 18, 2013
There’s a bit o’ the basil in this as well.

Pistou: September 17, 2013
Think ‘pesto’ but without the nuts. I think I may actually prefer my basil-based garlicky sauce thing-y this way now.

Puttanesca: June 21, 2012
I am not a fan of the oily little fish at the heart of this sauce, but if you are, this could be the recipe for you. With apologies to Rachael Ray.

Red Clam Sauce: January 23, 2023

Red Sauce With Assorted Meats and Beer: May 11, 2017

Roux (and White Sauce) in the ‘Wave: May 4, 2012
With the added bonus recipe of a macaroni and cheese in progress.

Sausage Sauce, Spicy, With Polenta Cakes: October 13, 2014

Spaghetti Sauce (The Doris Project, Week 5): February 5, 2014

Thai-Style Pork Stew: October 10, 2022

Three Pigs Pasta Sauce: October 8, 2015
Parfait! Pasta Sauce, Three Pigs: April 14, 2017

Tomato Sauce: April 22, 2010
The red sauce for Lasagna a la Francaise, but good on its own.

Tomato Sauce, Spicy: January 20, 2014

Two Pigs and a Cow Pasta Sauce: August 17, 2021

Vodka Sauce: March 10, 2014

Vodka Sauce, Vegetarian: January 8, 2015

White Wine Onion Sauce: April 22, 2010
The white sauce for Lasagna a la Francaise, but good on its own.

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