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Blender Hollandaise Sauce

Everyone needs a day with a little bit of extra sunshine. And, truly, is there anything more sunshine-y than Hollandaise Sauce? Julia Child has said that one should learn to make this sauce in the classical way, but my take … Continue reading

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Best! Broccoli and Pasta Salad

Back in the day, my mother-in-law would make a really nice broccoli salad, with bacon and shredded cheese and such, so, when I came across this recipe, from the nice folx at Southern Living, I knew that it would more … Continue reading

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Spring Fling Chicken

I came across this vintage recipe, from the nice folx at Kraft Foods somewhere on the internet and thought it looked interesting enough to try. Designed to feature their brand’s barbecue sauce, I thought that the addition of orange juice … Continue reading

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Chili Cheese Hash Brown Casserole

A good friend of ours makes something she calls “Chili Crack,” which she brings to every party. It is simply cream cheese topped with a can of chili, then shredded cheese, and popped into the ‘wave until heated through and … Continue reading

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Bloody Mary Chili

So far this week, I’ve posted a pretty decent (if I do say so myself) gluten-free Bloody Mary Mix, and my fave take on Iowa’s Maid Rite Sammiches. Now, I am gonna mash them all together to make a pretty … Continue reading

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Maid Rite Sammiches

Maid Rite is, I guess, the Iowa version of a Sloppy Joe, and there seem to be as many versions as there are cooks, so I have taken some of my fave options from several recipes, added a few of … Continue reading

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Bloody Mary Mix

We were having friends over for dinner, and I was planning on serving a gluten-free chili and hashed brown potatoes casserole. I even had a pretty terrific looking recipe for Bloody Mary Chili, which I was psyched to try, but, … Continue reading

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Bacon Pecan… ermmm… tasty stuff

So… this recipe started out as a Bacon Pecan Butter Tart from the nice guy at Closet Cooking, but I was making it for a lunch with friends who cannot eat gluten, and then the markets I went to did … Continue reading

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Ranch Avocado Pickles

I’ve posted about Ranch Pickles, and then Ranch Pickles With Jalapeño; now, I have taken the next logical step… I’ve sliced a fresh avocado and poured the excess juice from my Ranch Pickles With Jalapeño jar over to cover, then … Continue reading

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Pretty Tasty Rice Noodles

Yesterday, I posted about making Manchurian Sauce, one of my absolute faves in Indian cuisine. Today, I am gonna share the simple, wicked tasty rice noodles I served it with. I used linguini sized wide rice noodles and, for my … Continue reading

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